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Shindaiwa Testimonials


"Through four years of commercial abuse the Shindaiwa Brushcutter has proven to be the most reliable machine I have ever seen.... We highly recommend Shindaiwa."

— James, Max Meadows, Inc


"I still have the same Shindaiwa T270 string trimmer used commercially for 12 years, I've used other brands and they just don't last, Is Shindaiwa reliable? YOU BET."

— Aaron, Aaron Dorner's Outside Solutions LLC


"Quality and continued product improvement has been an ongoing commitment of Shindaiwa. I've used their equipment for over 20 years."

— Jake , Chidsey Lawn & Treecare, Inc.


"I have used Shindaiwa for 10 years. I love the reliability, the quality and power. The equipment is well made."

— Mark , Green Haven Landscaping


"This year we put 2 Shindaiwa Trimmers into our fleet – a T2520X and a T242. Our guys fight over these 2 units each day. The T242 is a lightweight 2 stroke well balanced trimmer. The 2510X has the extra torque for tough jobs like edging along overgrown sidewalks. Both of these units came equipped with Speed Feed 450 heads which have offered simply outstanding ease of use and performance."

— Chris, Fast Eddie’s Grounds Maintenance


"Thank you for your commitment to excellence. Your products have definitely exceeded expectations and I am extremely pleased to have bought your products. I was so pleased with my grass trimmer that I ended up buying a leaf blower and hedge trimmers as well. Keep up the good work and attention to detail that everyone at your company does to make this product the best in the business."

— Roddy


"I own a Shindaiwa grass trimmer (Model T242X). I used Weed-eater for years. Always something wrong with them. The Shindaiwa grass trimmer is always ready to work. Trouble free."

— Clint


"I bought my weed eater from a small outdoor supply store in Salado, Texas about 6 or 7 years ago. That "baby" has paid for itself a hundred times over. It is as faithful as my wife, never lets me down, keeps my yard in tip top shape. Easy to use and I love this piece of equipment. I love it so much, that it is one of my "no borrow" items, though I ought to be a little more lax on that issue as it sure would sell more of your products."

— Ronald


"I purchased a Shindaiwa string trimmer because I was tired of trying to start other trimmers that my husband bought. Six years later, it still starts on the third pull. I wish all my yard equipment would operate so reliably and with so little maintenance."

— Cheryl


"It all started for me in 1984 when I bought a C-35 brush cutter to help keep the brush down on our property in Western Oregon. At $325 it seemed like a lot of money at the time, but in hindsight it was a very good purchase. I ran that C-35 as my only trimmer for the first twenty years before I purchased a T272X. With 26 years of hard use I have changed the fuel lines once. I have been so impressed with Shindaiwa equipment that I have taken to collecting it just for the joy of running all their different models. I currently have a fleet 7 brushcutter/trimmers. Shindaiwa may not be as popular as some of the other products out there, but I'll vouch for their quality any day."

— Richard


"“I have had a Shindaiwa String Trimmer for 25 years now and it still runs like brand new.”"

— Frank , Dyna
     Toronto, Canada


"“I’ve been with Shindaiwa for 15 years. It’s been a great machine for my business.”"

— Titus, Williams Yard Service


"“J. Field Bushhogging loves the Shindaiwa 282 and would not use any other weed eater.”"

— James, J. Field Bushhogging


"“I have been in the business for 20 years and owned many different brands of lawn care equipment. Nothing beats dependability, durability and quality of the finished product better than Shindaiwa.”"

— John, Hall’s Lawn Care


"“i love all the Hybrid 4 equipment. Have over 300 pieces of equipment in total. Long lasting and powerful.”"

— Paul, ArtisTree


"“I like Shindaiwa for the Speed-Feed head. Reliable. Won’t switch to another. Employees love ‘em. In fact they would lock me out of my own business if I switched brands.”"

— Patrick, All Season Lawn Care & Landscaping


"“In years past, I used to buy new trimmers and blowers every year. I am using the same Shindaiwa trimmers and blowers for 10 years now and still don’t need replacing.”"

— Patrick, Classic Landscaping


"“What I really like about Shindaiwa products is that they start right away…on the very first or second pull. That’s the main reason I keep buying them.”"

— Bob, The Planter’s Touch


"“As a first time user, I am very impressed with the reliability and performance of Shindaiwa products. College grounds involve heavy use. The performance is there along with operator comfort.”"

— Toby, Ozarks Technical Community College


"I have used Shindaiwa for 30+ years. I tried another leading brand but the Shindaiwa products start better, out perform, and have far less service issues than the Stihl trimmer he purchased. Why switch when you have the best!"

— Kerry, Badger Lawn Care