Shindaiwa Spreaders

Shindaiwa Spreaders are engineered for tough applications and built to last.  All four models feature large rubber tires for effortless movement across all types of surfaces and are factory-calibrated to ensure consistent application of a variety of materials.  Each one also has a rotary agitator to stir material.  The RS40, RS60 and RS76 feature an epoxy-powder coated frame to fight corrosion and the RS76S features a stainless steel frame to withstand the harshest and last a long time.

Application Photography

Shindaiwa Spreaders RS41 RS41   view details

Perfect homeowner model for areas less than one acre.

Shindaiwa Spreaders RS60 RS60   view details

Large capacity hopper for areas greater than one acre.

Shindaiwa Spreaders RS76 RS76   view details

Large capacity rugged spreader for heavy-duty, all-purpose use and includes a lifetime gear warranty.

Shindaiwa Spreaders RS76S RS76S   view details

Stainless steel frame built for the harshest use and long life including a lifetime gear warranty.