Perfect homeowner model for areas less than one acre.
  • .75 cu. ft / 21.6 Litre Hopper
  • Rotary Agitator Stirs Material
  • Factory Calibrated for Consistent Application


Dry Weight 13.6 lbs / 6.2 kg
Hopper Height 22 in / 60 cm
Handle Length 31 in / 79 cm
Hopper Capacity 0.75 cu. ft. / 21.2 l.
Tires 10 in. diameter / 25.4 cm. diameter
Frame Plastic

Shindaiwa Spreaders RS41

RS41 Accessories

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I own a Shindaiwa grass trimmer (Model T242X). I used Weed-eater for years. Always something wrong with them. The Shindaiwa grass trimmer is always ready to work. Trouble free.