Perfect homeowner model for areas less than one acre.
  • .75 cu. ft / 21.6 Litre Hopper
  • Rotary Agitator Stirs Material
  • Factory Calibrated for Consistent Application


Dry Weight 13.6 lbs / 6.2 kg
Hopper Height 22 in / 60 cm
Handle Length 31 in / 79 cm
Hopper Capacity 0.75 cu. ft. / 21.2 l.
Tires 10 in. diameter / 25.4 cm. diameter
Frame Plastic

Shindaiwa Spreaders RS41

RS41 Accessories

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This year we put 2 Shindaiwa Trimmers into our fleet – a T2520X and a T242. Our guys fight over these 2 units each day. The T242 is a lightweight 2 stroke well balanced trimmer. The 2510X has the extra torque for tough jobs like edging along overgrown sidewalks. Both of these units came equipped with Speed Feed 450 heads which have offered simply outstanding ease of use and performance.